What People Say


We believe that our clients deserve to get what they pay for. That is why we are solely focused to provide quality events that not only benefit our clients, but make them possibly rave about the event and Kavaq. We want to make sure that each client gets as much as possible from our events, and want to come again to our future events.

If we want to maximize the value of each customer, we’ve got to make sure that they benefit from our events so that not only do they come back for more — but they also refer their peers and colleagues to Kavaq’s future events. So far, we believe that we’ve done this quite well given what our clients have to say:

In order to ensure that our clients get what they pay for, we offer an unconditional, no questions asked, Value Back Guarantee for each of our events. If you as our client are not satisfied with any of our events, all you have to do is just tell us that you were not happy. In return, we will issue you a voucher equal to the amount that you paid for and which you can utilise to attend any of our future events without paying anything extra.

This is a quality control tool for our Product Research & Development department so that we ensure that we deliver what we promise. Otherwise, if we were to issue Value Back Guarantee vouchers to all of our clients, we would end up organizing events free of charge!

So far, no client has claimed for our Value Back Guarantee Voucher. This is a guarantee that none of our competitors have offered so far.