It offers courses of the highest caliber to different industry practitioners. In order to do this, experts from each field or industry are tracked down and flown over to a five-star hotel in order to share their knowledge and expertise. The courses are designed to give our clients the latest practical tools that they need and real life case studies to help them solve different issues within their industry.

Although the courses are mostly conducted in Malaysia – the participation stretches far across the ASEAN region. Thus, Kavaq’s training courses also provide our clients an opportunity to gain invaluable experience through benchmarking and networking with their peers on a regional a basis.


They are designed to give local and international senior executives the strategic information that they need to enable them to make well-informed business decisions. For this we invite the most renowned practitioners in each industry to come down and share their knowledge and expertise.

We want our clients to be informed of the latest industry trends, innovative practices and future opportunities for their industry locally and from across the world. Our conferences give each executive an opportunity to maintain their network and benchmark their companies against others; locally and internationally.


It is based on requests from clients that prefer specific skills and situations to be imparted to their employees and senior management.

In general, Kavaq Business Intelligence offers training, conferences & in-house training on:

  • Corporate and Internal Organizational Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Practices
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism Services

Kavaq Business Intelligence strives to acquire the services of the best gurus and practitioners in any field – may they be foreign or local individuals.

If our clients are interested in any other field aside from ones earlier mentioned, we would be more than willing to research and obtain the best information possible for such requests.