We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join our dynamic team. We never have a quota on our recruitment. It always depends when and where we find the right people. There is only one thing that may prevent us from growing faster and bigger, and it is not market conditions neither is it the economy! It is the absence of the right people in the right job and career. That is why one of the values we uphold is:

People, People, People

However, we do NOT believe that people are the assets of our company. Only the RIGHT people are. The recruitment process, remuneration structure, and our business goals are geared towards identifying the RIGHT people to reward and develop. Only the RIGHT people would be able to become ASSETS of the company and contribute to its bottom line.

Being a Kavaq employee is about being result-driven, motivated and a life-long learner. Kavaq’s commitment to organic growth ensures fast career progression and innovative career structures. If you want to be the best run with the best!

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Internships Program Kuala Lumpur All Departments November 12, 2019
Support Services Kuala Lumpur Customer Service November 12, 2019
Product Research & Development / Conference & Training Producer Kuala Lumpur Research & Development November 12, 2019
Corporate Sales Kuala Lumpur Sales November 12, 2019