Who are the people behind us?

How does Kavaq Business Intelligence produce good quality programs and how do you find out about them? An organization is made up of individuals that have agreed to band together to meet common goals. The people behind Kavaq Business Intelligence have done just that. And they are divided into three main departments that perform distinct functions:

Product Research and Development

The program that finds its way into the hands of a top executive was not made in one day, and not even in one week. It is the product of at least a month of intensive research and interviews that was conducted by our product research & development team whose only job is to keep a finger on the pulse of the business world. They are the people who peruse the financial news, interview top executives behind their desk and capture any hint of wonderment. “My organization is trying to find out how can we improve this..” “We wonder what the best practices are…” These phrases usually signify a need that can be filled by Kavaq.

After listening to the needs of the business community, our product development people scour the world for the best trainers, the most experienced speakers and the most renowned practitioners in order to participate for our events. Working with these trainers and speakers, our researchers fine-tune and polish the agenda that would best serve the needs and requirements of the business community.

Sales team

Kavaq Business Intelligence has chosen a unique way to deliver you the latest events that we have designed. Through a combination of direct personalized and professional conversations, combined with highly effective communication skills, the sales team of Kavaq reaches out to the individuals whom we know would most benefit from our events.

The sales team makes sure that our prospective clients know about our latest events, how it would benefit them and what problems they can solve by attending our events. They are individuals who are resourceful, competent and committed to the value of customer service.

The Corporate/Support Services Department

These people provide the essential backbone services of Kavaq Business Intelligence. After a delegate registers for our training, they are the ones that make sure that every detail is perfect. From the customized documentation pack, to arranging the ambience in a five-star hotel, to welcoming the delegates on the day of the event itself, and of course the food ! Their job is not finished until the last delegate leaves on the last day of the event