Resisting Price Increases and Implementing Cost Improvement Initiatives.

VENUE : USA – San Diego /23 Sep to 24 Sep 2019

Program Summary

Cost Improvements Initiatives, when properly implemented, have resulted in dramatic reductions in cost and significant improvements in productivity across the entire organization.  As in all initiatives, success is dependent not only on an awareness of the potential opportunities, but more importantly the knowledgeable implementation of the ideas, processes, and techniques that should be utilized.

This seminar focuses on Resisting Price Increases and Cost Improvement Initiatives and the many savings methods that have been used to reduce cost over the life of the product or service and across the entire supply chain.

Who Should Attend

  • How to be on the “Road to World class” in savings initiatives
  • 6 steps to resist Price Increase for purchased goods and services
  • Understand processes for data mining
  • Criticality of the ABC analysis and How to use it to save time
  • 42 ways Procurement has been reducing cost
  • 6 step process for developing a purchase price index for your organization
  • 12 important supply management competencies for achieving savings
  • Procedure for reporting cost improvements
  • 10 major elements that need to be in a Strategic Sourcing Plan


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