Cost Price Analysis – The Way to  Greater Savings In Negotiations

 VENUE: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia/28 – 29 August 2019 
Senior Consultant: MR. ROBI BENDORF


Program Summary

  1. Where To Focus Your Efforts When Doing Cost-Price Analysis?

You’re busy with a lot of work – that’s why you first learn what is effective in procurement & what is not effective. Then we show as to where should you do direct your Cost-Price analysis endeavours so that you don’t waste time doing things that do not affect the bottom line.

  1. The Difference Between Price Analysis & Cost Analysis?

There’s a time when you do Price Analysis and there’s a different time when you do Cost Analysis. We’ll show you the difference and when you should do each of them!

  1. How To Perform Price Analysis?

This session is jump-packed with exercises where you’re going to understand how suppliers mark up their prices, margin pricing & using purchase price index to determine the price suppliers should charge.

  1. How to Perform Cost Analysis?

This is where you learn all you need to know about cost analysis accompanied with exercises, for example … cost estimation, major elements of cost, effects of direct & indirect costs on suppliers costs/ pricing, getting suppliers to provide cost breakdowns and should cost analysis.

  1. Price Analysis & Adjustment During Uncertain Times

This is a more advanced concept which is illustrated through a hands on exercise by applying an 8 steps process to determine an economic price adjustment

  1. Total Cost of Ownership

It is a best procurement practice to select suppliers on the basis of Total Cost of Ownership and not price alone. This session will define TCO & explain Models & benefits of a TCO approach.

  1. Overall Simple, Easy & Down-To-Earth Explanation & Application Of All Cos-Price Analysis Concepts

Despite the fact that cost and price analysis is complicated, we introduce all concepts in a practical, realistic & coherent way so that you can absorb all the concepts in an easy way & go back ready to apply these concepts in your day to day activities

Who Should Attend

  • Purchasing, Procurement, and Contracts and
  • Those involved in operations, engineering, maintenance, quality, projects, and other company activities that expose them to suppliers and buying activities for production, maintenance, equipment, MRO, services, and other outside purchased requirements

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